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We main theme of our web­site is 3D print­ing and every­thing relat­ed to this future top­ic. Today, we are hap­py to use our plat­form again to dis­cuss Plus500 which enables you to trade CFDs. You can trade CFDs on any­thing from Cryp­tocur­ren­cies to indices and also 3D print­ing stocks — yes, there is the con­nec­tion.

What are CFDs?

The Trad­ing App Plus500 (Plus500UK Ltd approved and reg­u­lat­ed by the FCA (# 509909)) makes it pos­si­ble to trade CFDs. With CFDs you do not trade (buy and sell) the real assets, but rather trade on their price devel­op­ment of the asset itself. How­ev­er, be extreme­ly cau­tious, because accord­ing to Plus500 80.6% of cus­tomers (main­ly private/retail cus­tomers) lose their mon­ey on Plus500. There­fore, you should con­sid­er whether to take the risk or stick to reg­u­lar trad­ing or non at all. The ben­e­fit of CFDs is that they allow you to earn real bucks start­ing with about 100 euros trad­ing an index of the top 30 ger­man com­pa­nies as if you where trad­ing with 30,000 Euros (just as a CFD).

Tradable assets on Plus500

Plus500 is about trad­ing var­i­ous stocks, indices, forex cur­ren­cies, or oth­er cryp­tocur­ren­cies in the form of CFDs.

    Stocks are eg. Appel or Ama­zon, includ­ing 3D print­ing stocks such as 3D sys­tems as the best known exam­ple for a 3D print­ing stock.
    Indices are for exam­ple the Ger­man DAX or the Amer­i­can S&P 500, although the ones on Plus500 seem to dif­fer in their com­po­si­tion — how­ev­er, we did not dive that deep dur­ing our analy­sis.
    Forex (FOREIGN EXchange) cur­ren­cies are the typ­i­cal FIAT cur­ren­cies such as the euro or the dol­lar. These are always trad­ed in pairs like EUR/USD or EUR/AUD etc.
    Cryp­tocur­ren­cies had their momen­tun dur­ing 2017 and are the dig­i­tal alter­na­tive to FIAT. Inter­est­ing­ly, by includ­ing cryp­to-CFDs, Plus500’s Google search has rock­et­ed in sync with the Bit­coin price in late 2017. Be aware, that these are CFDs on cryp­tos — Plus500 is not hold­ing any coins for your in so-called cold stores, for that you would have to on sites like Coin­base or Binance.

Phone and Desktop Application

The com­pa­ny offers a trad­ing plat­form vis their web­site through the brows­er as well as an App for Android and iOS. There is a very sim­ple menu for begin­ners with a good and sim­ple design for buy­ing or sell­ing but­tons (no com­pli­cat­ed but­ton system/options) which make it easy to exe­cute and close trades. Also avail­able are chart tools such as switch­ing between line curve charts and can­dles with addi­tion­al tech­ni­cal analy­sis tools(MACD, SMA, etc.).

The real strength and a big plus for many users, how­ev­er, is the app we test­ed on Android. Besides all oth­er CFD trad­ing apps in the App Store, Plus500 is the only appli­ca­tion with which you can actu­al­ly trade CFDs with­out get­ting a headach. All oth­er apps are almost unbear­able, both in terms of looks and ease of use.


Plus500 is a cer­ti­fied CFD trad­ing plat­form that allows you to trade assets with lever­age (e.g. 1:10) with­in sec­onds. The ease of use, sim­plic­i­ty and reli­a­bil­i­ty are strong argu­ments that make us pre­fer Plus500 over oth­er providers like 24option. Espe­cial­ly since e.g. the lat­ter and many oth­ers are used by scam­mers on Youtube lur­ing peo­ple in CFD-Trad­ing with­out illus­trat­ing the risks. The scam­mer try to col­lect affil­i­ate fees via What­sapp groups or Youtube videos. At Plus500, this has been pre­vent­ed with many mea­sures and requires affil­i­ates to adhere to strict rules. This should also safe­guard the integri­ty of the com­pa­ny and make cus­tomers (traders) aware of the risks behind CFD trad­ing.

Plus500 is for every who ever con­sid­ered trad­ing shares, cryp­tocur­ren­cies (cryp­tos) or 3D print­ing stocks with­out inter­est in the actu­al coin or share of the com­pa­ny, but rather to trade on their price devel­op­ment. If you just want to play around for fun and test your skill, we rec­om­mend the Plus 500 demo account. Any­one trad­ing CFDs with real mon­ey should be aware that the mon­ey is exposed to high (loss-) risks.

We wish you lots of fun and suc­cess in trad­ing and print­ing!

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