XYZPrinting PLA Filament/Material for XYZ 3D printer test and review

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The manufacturer XYZPrinting pursues a certain strategy otherwise known from Apple offering cheap 3D printers and proprietary filament integrated in their spools forcing their users to buy their material. This binds you to the company and its somewhat expensive offer, where you can see this as an advantage.


The XYZPrint­ing PLA Filament/Material is designed with an inte­grat­ed chip in their spools. They com­mu­ni­cate with the 3D print­er telling him how much mate­r­i­al is left. In addi­tion, the pro­pri­etary fil­a­ment has the right size for the respec­tive 3D printer(s).

Advantages of the filament

You can select a sav­ings sub­scrip­tion mod­el on Ama­zon direct­ly from the sell­er, after which XYZprint­ing sends a fil­a­ment spool at pre­de­ter­mined inter­vals to you. The inter­vals betwenn 1 to 6 months, which makes a con­stant pur­chase of the mate­r­i­al super­flu­ous.

The oth­er aspect is the chip being a curse and at least a planned bless­ing at the same time. The com­pa­ny claims this is a clever solu­tion because their 3D print­ers detect when there is no mate­r­i­al left. The down side is that fil­a­ment is unnec­es­sar­i­ly wast­ed as the 3D print­er stops using the fil­a­ment even if there is some­thing left. Instead of inform­ing the user ahead of time and using up all the mate­r­i­al, Da Vin­ci print­ers just stop. There­fore, there is always a bit of fil­a­ment left over and the “advan­tage” becomes a dis­ad­van­tage.

Disadvantage of the material

As described, the XYZPrint­ing PLA Filament/Material not only costs more mon­ey but does not use the entire fil­a­ment spool. There­fore, a part of the mate­r­i­al always remains unused which results in addi­tion­al costs and a waste of raw fil­a­ment.

In addi­tion, there are some reports that the thick­ness of the mate­r­i­al is not exact­ly at 1.75mm. There­fore, it some­times results in errors as the incon­sis­ten­cy clogs the print­ing noz­zle. These can only be iso­lat­ed cas­es and cus­tomers are actu­al­ly pro­tect­ed when using XYZprint­ing prod­ucts. In such cas­es, a good cus­tomer sup­port stands ready to solve your issues.

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Why do I need the material for my XYZprinting 3D printer?

The com­pa­ny tries to attract cus­tomers with cheap 3D print­ers below 500 €. This low­er rev­enue is then regained in the long term by sell­ing the more expen­sive XYZPrint­ing PLA Filament/Material. Thus, the man­u­fac­tur­er cre­ates con­stant sales and high­er prof­its than by the mere sale of open sys­tem 3D print­ers. For the user this results in being depen­dent on the dis­tri­b­u­tion and prices of the com­pa­ny XYZprint­ing. The only alter­na­tive is to hack the chip sys­tem which allows the use of oth­er providers. How­ev­er, this is not that sim­ple and the war­ran­ty becomes void.

Conclusion for the XYZPrinting PLA Filament/Material

Whether it’s the XYZprint­ing Da Vin­ci Junior (Jr.), Da Vin­ci Mini, Da Vin­ci 1.0, Da Vin­ci AiO, or Da Vin­ci Pro, every­one needs the pro­pri­etary fil­a­ment with the inte­grat­ed chip from XYZprint­ing. We def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend con­sid­er­ing 3D print­er from oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers in case you think about hack­ing the chip sys­tem. There are many oth­er mod­els in that price ranger that offer a open mate­r­i­al sys­tem for their device. Oth­er sup­pli­ers usu­al­ly have cheap­er and bet­ter mate­ri­als than the XYZPrint­ing PLA Filament/Material.

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