XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D Printer test and review

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The XYZ Nobel 1.0 3D printer is a promising device, especially with the low price. However, there are too many quirks and problems to make it a winning 3D printer in the long-term. People considering to buy SLA 3D printers will rather go for the Formlabs devices or buy a regular FDM 3D printer.

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The XYZprint­ing Nobel 1.0 3D Print­er is a stere­olith­o­g­ra­phy (SLA) resin print­er enabling the print of more detailed objects than main­stream FDM print­ers can do. Com­pa­ra­ble SLA mod­els cost much more like the Form Labs Form 1+ com­pared to the XYZprint­ing Nobel 1.0 3D print­er.

The Nobel 1.0 pro­duces great results even on com­pli­cat­ed 3D objects like jew­el­ry, engi­neer­ing mod­els or oth­ers. But there are some com­pro­mis­es like that the device is much slow­er than oth­er SLA print­ers, sup­ports only a lim­it­ed selec­tion of mate­ri­als and has errors when the objects become too detailed.

Package content:

  • XYZprinting’s first stere­olith­o­g­ra­phy 3D print­er
  • Print vol­ume of 12.8x12.8x20 cm
  • XYZware soft­ware
  • 1 x bot­tle with resin mate­r­i­al as a stater kit
  • 1 x scraper
  • Clean­ing con­tain­er with gloves and clean­ing mate­r­i­al
  • Pow­er cable
  • Oper­a­tions man­u­al

Getting started

There is a larg­er num­ber of steps for installing the XYZprint­ing Nobel 1.0 3D print­er than it is the case with FDM print­ers. After unpack­ing and turn­ing on the device you have to wait 10 min­utes while the Nobel 1.0 per­forms a test. Then low­er the print bed before attach­ing the four screws that hold the print bed in place.

Next, start the resin bot­tle and con­nect it to the tubes’ auto fill mech­a­nism. None of these steps are dif­fi­cult, but they involve a lot of time: it took about an hour before we could print the first test. This is twice as long as an FDM print­er, but about the same as oth­er SLA print­ers because they are more com­plex than FDM print­ers.

Printing process and slicer

The Nobel 1.0 can print from a con­nect­ed PC or USB stick. Frus­trat­ing­ly, there is no USB port on the front which is why you need to access the back of the XYZprint­ing Nobel 1.0 3D print­er. You should avoid mov­ing the resin con­tain­er to avoid spilling the mate­r­i­al. There­fore, we rec­om­mend to use the 3D print­er via a USB con­nect­ed PC with the XYZWareNo­bel soft­ware. The soft­ware is only avail­able for Win­dows while Mac own­ers are left out.

The slicer is easy to use with all the basic func­tions on the left side of the soft­ware. With XYZWareNo­bel mod­els can only be export­ed in the mar­ket stan­dard STL for­mat. You can move, scale and export the files to a USB dri­ve for print­ing. The soft­ware also con­trols the print­ing process and dis­plays basic infor­ma­tion such as the remain­ing print time and resin remain­ing.

After remov­ing the object from the print bed, wash it with alco­hol to remove any resid­ual resin. XYZ con­tains a scraper, plas­tic tub and gloves for this pur­pose, but no alco­hol. This is no issue as it is easy to find stan­dard bot­tles of alco­hol from the drug­store, just pay atten­tion to buy it with more than 75 per­cent alco­hol. After 10 min­utes of wash­ing and dry­ing, the print is com­plet­ed.

Resin as material/filament

The XYZprint­ing Nobel 1.0 3D print­er only works with resins from the man­u­fac­tur­er which is their strat­e­gy even for FDM Print­ers. These are sold in 500 ml bot­tles in two-packs and are not cheap, although it is less expen­sive than the for the Form1 + resin and the bot­tles last a fair­ly long time.

The bot­tles in which these mate­ri­als come have a NFC label on the bot­tom that the print­er reads to ver­i­fy and track the amount of resid­ual resin. As explained, this pre­vents the man­u­fac­tur­er from using resins from oth­er man­u­fac­tur­ers.

Advantages & disadvantages


  • Price
  • Pro­duces fine and clean prints
  • Small 3D objects bet­ter than with FDM print­ers
  • Easy to set up for a SLA 3D print­er
  • The print­ing process runs smooth­ly with qual­i­ta­tive results


  • Prints showed slight strat­i­fi­ca­tions
  • Some fine objects had minor errors
  • Slow­er than oth­er SLA print­ers
  • No Mac soft­ware sup­port

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Conclusion for the XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 3D printer

The Nobel 1.0 brings resin SLA print­ing to a new price lev­el that can com­pete with mid-priced FDM print­ers. In addi­tion, the devices offer the advan­tages of dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als and clean prints. The XYZprint­ing Nobel 1.0 3D print­er does a good job, but large 3D prints are slow­er than with com­pet­ing print­ers. In addi­tion, the machine fights with some datails on objects that cause no prob­lems with oth­er mod­els such as the Form­labs Form 1+. Still, the XYZprint­ing Nobel 1.0 3D print­er is an impor­tant step for­ward in mas­sive­ly enhanc­ing and pric­ing SLA print­ing for the mass mar­ket.

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