Plastic waste bin for filament waste of 3D printers

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The waste bin is a fun idea with great benefits. You have a tidy and clean Maker Space with no permanent way to run plastic waste.



When­ev­er we tell mak­ers of our garbage can next to our own 3D print­er, we get sur­prised and con­fused feed­back. “Why do you need that?” – This “sup­port tool” for 3D print­ing offers two major advan­tages.

  1. Increased time efficiency and cleanliness

Dur­ing and before the print­ing process, the print head is placed on the print­ing plate and the fil­a­ment begins to be extrud­ed. Many users deduct this in advance to pre­vent mis­prints and tan­gling of the fil­a­ment. In this process and when fil­a­ment spools are changed, small and very fine amounts of material/filament strings remain. You start to put these almost invis­i­ble strings in your pock­ets or desk until you real­ize that you already have spread have of it in your entire house and the oth­er half lets your mak­er space look hor­ri­ble.

Because of the fre­quent cre­ation of small fil­a­ment strings you have 3 options. You walk to the kitchen or out­side garbage every time which is very annoy­ing and time con­sum­ing or you let chaos take over and leave every­thing lying on the floor. We opt­ed for the third option to buy a small waste bin for the plas­tic waste. The select­ed con­tain­er is not too big, in var­i­ous forms easy to install and the design fits any­where.

  1. Old misprints are preserved for a long time

If you work a lot on pro­to­types you will have many errors lying on your desk. Now you can leave this untidy or throw in the trash which will def­i­nite­ly be emp­tied with­in a week. This is where the trash can real­ly shows his role as sup­port tool for 3D print­ing, because it only con­tains 3D print­ed objects long time and is there­fore rarely emp­tied.

As a result, you can throw 3D print­ing trash and old pro­to­types with­out think­ing about it. When we devel­oped a com­po­nent for a table, we quick­ly dropped one of the first ideas. After 3 weeks we want­ed to use the exact design and didn’t have it dig­i­tal­ly as we redesigned the files. Now it was easy to find the pro­to­type even weeks lat­er.

Conclusion on the waste bin as a support tool for 3D printing

Prob­a­bly the cra­zi­est prod­uct we could ever have asso­ci­at­ed with 3D print­ing. As fun­ny as the waste bin may sound, it is an use­ful tool for 3D print­ing. It ensures a clean mak­er space and even saves the con­stant walk to your trash. We can def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend it as the worst thing that can hap­pen is to have a replace­ment bin for the kitchen. In the end it came the oth­er way and we use the con­tain­er con­stant­ly when work­ing with our 3D print­er.

We hope this solves you the very small, but stress­ful pain of deal­ing with your 3D print­ing plas­tic waste. If you have any ques­tions, please con­tact us via the com­ment sec­tion or our con­tact form.

You can read more reviews and buy the waste bin for fil­a­ment on Ama­zon »

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