Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer

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The Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer is an amazing product which provides high-quality prints at very affordable price. It is an ideal product for the beginners and the people who want to stay within a reasonable hobby budget while buying a 3D printer.



The Mono­price Vox­el is an amaz­ing 3D print­er which is very afford­able and can be brought by every home user. The price of this prod­uct is around $450 and it can han­dle both ABS fil­a­ment and PLA. Also, it does­n’t require a lot of space to be kept and can be put on any desk.

Design of the Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer:

Its design is quite sim­ple and it can prove to be a decent addi­tion to your gad­gets list. Although, there are some draw­backs of the Mono­price Vox­el 3D Print­er, but these are not many and can be ignored as there are many ben­e­fits of hav­ing this afford­able 3D print­er. The Mono­price Vox­el 3D Print­er has a dark design and is enclosed in a frame made up of black plas­tic. It has clear pan­els which help in the lift­ing of the cov­er, which also pro­vides prop­er access to the mech­a­nism of the print­er and the print area. The print vol­ume of Mono­price Vox­el 3D Print­er is 6.9 inch­es from both the sides which makes the total vol­ume to be 329 cubic inch­es. The vol­ume it cov­ers is ide­al, as almost all the objects which need to be print­ed out while using a 3D print­er come in this range. 

Apart from this the base of the print­er is heat­ed, which means that the print­ing mate­ri­als like the ABS becomes a piece of cake and much more reli­able. Not only this the Mono­price Vox­el 3D Print­er has an easy to remove prints from the approach as well. Also the top of the print bed slides can be tak­en out as a whole and lift­ing the print off is quite easy as well. LCD touch screen which is there on the front of the Mono­price Vox­el 3D Print­er, enables the users to con­trol the device by this user-friend­ly inter­face.

The software of the Monoprice Voxel 3D Printer: 

A slight­ly bug­gy firmware and the soft­ware on which the Mono­price Vox­el 3D Print­er is based on makes the print­ing process a lit­tle dif­fi­cult. Fur­ther­more, the 3D Print­er can eas­i­ly be brought for both school and home usage. Our advice is to not waste much mon­ey on fan­cy 3D print­ers and buy a decent 3D print­er . The soft­ware is very easy to use and enables you to edit and then send the file for print­ing. How­ev­er, there were a few times when the soft­ware crushed.

The Setup: 

This 3D Print­er doesn’t require any spe­cif­ic set up as it is a plug and play type of a 3D print­er. There­fore, all you need to do is unbox it, plug it in and load the fil­a­ment. Once these things are done the users are ready to go ahead and print what­ev­er they want. How­ev­er, like oth­er devices there might be dif­fi­cul­ties to con­nect to the Wifi. But once I con­nect­ed my Eth­er­net cable, the print­er worked prop­er­ly and there should not be any fur­ther issues. 

Even the fil­a­ment load­ing process for print­ing is quite easy. The reel per­fect­ly fits into the space pro­vid­ed on the body of the print­er and feeds through a spe­cif­ic tube which is there on the print head. The process of feed­ing into this tube is done smooth­ly and auto­mat­i­cal­ly upon the load­ing of the fil­a­ment. 

Controls System: 

Mono­price Vox­el 3D Print­er works well with the polar could which an online ser­vice and is free of cost. It enables the users to mon­i­tor the print­ers from any inter­net-con­nect­ed device they have. You can also down­load the MP flash­point soft­ware for con­trol over the USB dri­ve or any oth­er local net­work. 

The printing speed:

The print­ing speed is quite fast even for large objects no mat­ter the print qual­i­ty. Even though, we used a 4 inch­es tall object. The expen­sive print­ers like the Lulzbot Taz take a sim­i­lar amount of time for the print­ing of such a file which makes the Print­er a bet­ter and more eco­nom­i­cal choice. 

Printing Quality: 

The qual­i­ty of the prints is quite good, smooth, showed immense detail and were almost per­fect. The minor errors or bumps which were occurred in the prints were so minor that they weren’t very vis­i­ble. 


The price is around $450 or below which is slight­ly high­er than oth­er begin­ner lev­el 3D print­ers. Yet it pro­vides the qual­i­ty which oth­ers as the XYZ da Vin­ci Nano, don’t e.g. cloud print­ing and a heat­ed print bed. You can pur­chase the Mono­price Vox­el 3D Print­er on Ama­zon and if you first want to learn more about 3D print­ers in gen­er­al go to our Begin­ner Site.

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