Extruder nozzle MK8 for Makerbot, Pruca, CTC and other 3D printers

9,99 inkl. Mwst.

The extruder nozzle MK8 for Makerbot, Prusa, CTC and other 3D printers comes in the mentioned MK8 format. If you need a nozzle of this size, we recommend the model here from XXXXX (Pixnor). We show you how to install the extruder nozzle in this short review and the attached video.



The mate­r­i­al does not flow out as usu­al and I have mis­prints all the time, what can I do? Do I have to buy a new 3D print­er or print­head? Can I clean the noz­zle and how? Should I buy a replace­ment noz­zle? ”

When do you need replacement nozzles for your 3D printer?

We hear these ques­tions again and again when the extrud­er is clogged. The noz­zle is one of the essen­tial parts of each 3D print­er and is part of the print­head. Out of the noz­zle heat­ed fil­a­ment is extrud­ed as a liq­uid mate­r­i­al which can lead to block­ages when cool­ing down ear­li­er than sup­posed to. After try­ing to clean the com­po­nents with­out any suc­cess, you can con­sid­er exchang­ing the noz­zle. The extrud­er noz­zle MK8 suits Maker­bots, the Prusa i3 and CTC as well as oth­er 3D print­ers from our list of favorite 3D print­ers.

To find out which noz­zle your 3D print­er requires, you will even­tu­al­ly have to read the user manual/guide or online spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the device. There you will find if the noz­zle is the MK8 for­mat pre­sent­ed here or anoth­er size such as the MK10 extrud­er noz­zle.

Com­par­i­son and replace­ment of the extrud­er noz­zle MK10 for Maker­bot, Prusa, CTC and oth­er 3D print­ers

Conclusion for changing the extruder nozzle MK8

We rec­om­mend the MK8 extrud­er noz­zle for Maker­bot, Prusa, CTC and oth­er print­ers instead of mul­ti­ple clean­ings. The noz­zle is rel­a­tive­ly cheap with 5 pieces for about 10 bucks and after prac­tic­ing a cou­ple times you will have no issues with the instal­la­tion. In the long-term this saves more time and mon­ey than con­stant­ly clean­ing and unclog­ging your extrud­er.

What you do rarely need is a com­plete­ly new print­head, let alone a new 3D print­er when hav­ing such issues/errors. In the event that chang­ing your noz­zle does not help, you should imme­di­ate­ly con­tact the man­u­fac­tur­er for a replace­ment if the guar­an­ty did not already expire.

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If you have any ques­tions, com­ments, own tests or tes­ti­mo­ni­als, feel free to con­tact us using the com­ment sec­tion below or the con­tact form. We wish you much suc­cess!

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