3D Printer with large build volume

Large print volume for less than <2500$

The price for 3D print­er with a large build vol­ume are not the most impor­tant fac­tor. If the bud­get allows it, high­er-qual­i­ty 3D print­ers are prefer­able. Still, the Wan­hao Dupli­ca­tor S5 allows over 60cm high objects for a sat­is­fy­ing qual­i­ty. There­fore we rec­om­mend this 3D print­er above all oth­er below in this large build vol­ume seg­ment.

Still, each rec­om­men­da­tion must be seen with regards to your own needs and the con­text of appli­ca­tion. A large build vol­ume results in large sized devices which are most­ly a counter-argu­ment in pri­vate use.

The Wan­hao Dupli­ca­tor 5S Mini is like a basic mod­el to his larg­er broth­er above. This means the fea­tures and equip­ment are very sim­i­lar except the print vol­ume which makes the dif­fer­ence. Both 3D Print­er a large devices so that every­one to decide which size is appro­pri­ate. The width of the Mini can lead to mate­r­i­al cur­va­tures, which requires more atten­tion than for high objects in the large S5.

The large print space and the enclosed hous­ing are argu­ments for the Cube­Pro Trio 3D Print­er. There are only two prob­lems since 3D Sys­tems as the man­u­fac­tur­er stopped the pro­duc­tion of their devices for the pri­vate mar­ket and only sell spare parts as well as mate­ri­als. The machine has 3 print­heads and can there­fore the­o­ret­i­cal­ly use 3 col­ors or dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als. Still, there are a lot of neg­a­tive reports as the tech­nol­o­gy does not yet seem to be mature enough and user require many skills.

The Ulti­mak­er 2 3D print­er offers a great results, fast print­ing and great qual­i­ty. The lat­ter can even be increased with addi­tion­al seal­ing glass­es which increas­es the tem­per­a­ture sta­bil­i­ty sur­round­ing the print object. As an extra, you get a well devel­oped cus­tomer ser­vice net­work wich a large com­mu­ni­ty in Europe.

Large print volumes for more than >2500$

Besides the Repli­ca­tor Z18, the Leapfrog Cre­atr HS XL (which we do not rec­om­mend) and the Wan­hao Dupli­ca­tor 5S (right next to it), there are hard­ly any alter­na­tives. Sim­ple FDM 3D print­ers in this size and price seg­ment are only avail­able in the form of kits or indus­tri­al machines. The price of the Maker­bot Repli­ca­tor Z18 indi­cates the price direc­tion of indus­tri­al devices. There­fore, the Repli­ca­tor Z18 offers high­er-qual­i­ty tech­nolo­gies than the Wan­hao Dupli­ca­tor 5S.

The Wan­hao Dupli­ca­tor mod­els use sim­i­lar spec­i­fi­ca­tions and main­ly dif­fer in print vol­ume. The Wan­hao Dupli­ca­tor 5S 3D print­er stands out with its  57.5cm in height. How­ev­er, you should con­sid­er exact­ly whether the size is nec­es­sary, since you can also print 3D objects in sep­a­rate com­po­nents through small­er devices. In terms of price,  you do not have to wor­ry about a seri­ous bud­get issues com­pared to the Maker­bot Repli­ca­tor Z18.

The Ulti­mak­er 3 3D print­er is one of the newest high-end devices on the mar­ket. Even though the print­er is high­ly priced, it offers a com­pre­hen­sive func­tion­al­i­ty paired with the typ­i­cal Ulti­mak­er qual­i­ty. High­ly rec­om­mend­ed for all advanced users, start-ups or com­pa­nies that have the bud­get for a Ulti­mak­er 3. Espe­cial­ly as it pro­vides a large build vol­ume with­out tak­ing up too much space.