123D Design Autodesk test and review

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123D design by Autodesk is our recommendation for beginning with 3D printers. It allows you to easily and quickly create 3D objects or to change props.


123D Design Autodesk

123D Design from Autodesk is a free mod­el­ling soft­ware for 3 dimen­sion­al objects for your own 3D print­er. Every­one who buys a device quick­ly realis­es that there are many tem­plates avail­able online. For exam­ple, there are hun­dreds of tem­plates for hearts, how­ev­er, there is like­ly none with your and your part­ners ini­tials. Hir­ing some­one for such a small job can be rel­a­tive­ly expen­sive when ask­ing design­ers or even friends. There­fore, it is worth it to learn design­ing your­self with sim­ple soft­ware solu­tions like 123D Design Autodesk which is par­tic­u­lar­ly user-friend­ly for begin­ners. The user inter­face is intu­itive, held sim­ple with­out too many fea­tures while hav­ing the most pro­found tools for even com­plex objects.

123d-design-autodesk picture of predefined objects in the software.


The 3D mod­el­ing soft­ware allows you to quick­ly com­bine sim­ple shapes and let­ters. Exist­ing shapes make it very sim­ple to cre­ate more com­plex prints and adjust down­loaded 3D object tem­plates. 123D Design is per­fect for these type of uses as for fast changes, adding let­ters or even cre­at­ing var­i­ous objects from scratch. How­ev­er, when it comes to com­plex com­po­nents, which are inter­locked or require small units with per­fect sym­me­tries, the high­er-qual­i­ty Autodesk soft­ware solu­tions are worth­while.


For all those in the pri­vate area who are still start­ing or exper­i­ment­ing with CAD, we rec­om­mend 123D Design. You can learn it with­in a day through the tuto­ri­als list­ed below and the soft­ware is free. We rec­om­mend the attached 123D Design tuto­r­i­al in eng­lish which you can find attached below. In case this free soft­ware should not meet your require­ments after a while, you can still switch to one anoth­er Autodesk or many more pro­gram solu­tions.

Tuto­r­i­al auf Englisch



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