Create toys with 3D printing

3D Print­er are for every­one! By every­one we mean for peo­ple belong­ing to all dif­fer­ent age group. Yes!

With amaz­ing advance­ments in tech­nol­o­gy now, with the help of 3D print­ers, kids can print their toys. There is an entire com­pa­ny and machine designed for this known as the Toy­box 3D print­er. It has a very friend­ly inter­face and there­fore, is quite easy to use.

There is a huge vari­ety of toys from which you can choose from. This amaz­ing print­er has been cre­at­ed by Ben Baltes and Jenn Chin, these two worked hard and earned a hand­some amount of $155,000 from Indiegogo to make their dream prod­uct a real­i­ty. On 10th of Match this year the device was pre­sent­ed in the Shark Tank and one of the Sharks decid­ed to invest around $150k for 2% in advi­so­ry and13% equi­ty shares.

How to get started? 

If you want to run your toy­box, all you have to do is down­load the appli­ca­tion, which is present on both App Store and Google play to facil­i­tate the Android and the Apple users equal­ly. After down­load­ing the appli­ca­tion, you have to con­nect the Toy­box 3D print­er and your com­put­er or smart­phone to the Wifi.

There are oth­er prod­ucts avail­able in the mar­ket as well which allow the users to print toys like the QIDI TECH 3D Print­er, but
they lack the mag­ic which Toy­box has. The oth­er prod­ucts such as Toy Mak­er or Moose Toy don’t have as much vari­ety as Toy­box has. Apart from this the Toy­box 3D print­er also pro­vides a chance to par­ents and kids to cre­ate their toys. There are dif­fer­ent types of toys in their cat­a­log of the Toy­box 3D print­er which include, cars, swords, build­ings, crea­tures, char­ac­ters ani­mals and a lot more.

Creative feature

The app has a very nice fea­ture in which the kids can make their own Block Bud­dy. The whole struc­ture of the block bud­dy can be eas­i­ly cus­tomized by the users, which makes it a major attrac­tion for the kids. Fur­ther­more, kids can even draw their toys. As soon, as I got my hands on the Toy­box 3D print­er, the first thing I did was that I explored this amaz­ing fea­ture. I got a
chance to cre­ate my very own block bud­dy.

Block Bud­dy is a char­ac­ter which can be cus­tomized in accor­dance to the likes and dis­likes of the users. I got to choose from a ver­i­ty of eye shapes, nose shapes, col­ors, dress­es, hair­styles and much more. It was fun to exper­i­ment with the dif­fer­ent looks and come up with the char­ac­ter I want­ed to own and play with.

After cre­at­ing my very own block bud­dy I went on to design some­thing of my own choice. The draw­ing option which is present in the Toy­box 3D print­er appli­ca­tion gave me the free­dom to make any kind of toy I want­ed and have it in my hands to play with. The draw fea­ture allows you to draw any­thing you want and you can even go ahead and add a back­ground to it.

There are var­i­ous shapes which can be added to the draw­ings you cre­ate and there are a cou­ple of oth­er tools as well which can assist you in cre­at­ing the toy of your own choice. I used the text fea­ture and exper­i­ment­ed with the dif­fer­ent options it had. It can be said that this device is very cre­ative and pro­vides an afford­able way for chil­dren to get the toys of their choice. The device also enhances the imag­i­na­tive skills of the users as they get to give a struc­ture to their dream toys.

Printing process 

Once the users are done cre­at­ing their block bud­dy or choos­ing the toy they want, all they have to do is select the parts they want­ed to print first. As the print­ing process takes time the users have to wait for a lit­tle. One part after the oth­er is print­ed by the 3D print­er, how­ev­er, you get to chose the order of the parts for print­ing. Once you select the order the appli­ca­tion or the web­site will ask you to con­nect your 3D print­er, WIFI so that the process of print­ing can be ini­ti­at­ed.

As the toy­box 3D print­er has been designed to attract chil­dren, in par­tic­u­lar, it has a very easy to under­stand inter­face. Also, there is no need to wor­ry about the safe­ty of the chil­dren while using the device as every­thing has been tak­en care off by the cre­ators. The 3D print­er weighs on 6 pounds and is nine inch­es tall which makes it easy to place around the house. The cost of this amaz­ing device is only $349 and an addi­tion­al $9.95 for ship­ping.

Web­sites such as ama­zon offer quite a wide range of 3D print­ers which allow the users to print large-sized objects one such prod­uct is the QIDI TECH Large Size Intel­li­gent Indus­tri­al Grade 3D Print­er.

For all the peo­ple who don’t know much use a 3D print­er and how they are gain­ing demand in the mar­ket vis­it our Blog.


Toy­box 3D print­er is one of the most amaz­ing devices in the mar­ket today. It pro­vides amaz­ing
toys to the chil­dren and gives their imag­i­na­tion a boost as well as they get to cre­ate their toys as
well. It can be termed as a must-have prod­uct for all the kids and par­ents out there as it is
afford­able and does its mag­ic as well.

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