Easter 4.0: 3D printing for the holidays

A clas­sic sce­nario of fam­i­ly life: mak­ing dec­o­ra­tion for fes­tive hol­i­day days.
Sure­ly a nice idea, but in real­i­ty the whole thing looks like this:

3D Printing for the holidays easter 4.0: children colors play with outside in the green

Child 1 lost his appetite after ten min­utes. In addi­tion to a lot of paper waste, it also leaves a few last­ing marks on the kitchen table.
Mean­while, Child 2 destroys eggs worth a small for­tune.

An hour lat­er, you sit alone and the home to be dec­o­rat­ed looks as if Godzil­la has sur­prised you with a spon­ta­neous week­end break. Fan­tas­tic!

Grant­ed — a slight­ly exag­ger­at­ed exam­ple. But the basic prob­lem is well known. As a tech­nol­o­gy-savvy per­son you won­der:

Isn’t there anoth­er way?

The sim­ple answer: Sure, thanks to 3D print­ing. So it’s time to say good­bye to small house­hold acci­dents with scis­sors and hot glue gun. We wel­come instead:

CAD pro­gram, 3D scan and 3D print­ing — the reper­toire of mak­er hob­by­ists.

To make the project “East­er Bun­ny 4.0” eas­i­er for you, we put togeth­er some print tem­plates from Thin­gi­verse for East­er.

1. The classic: Stanford-Bunnies

Who would have thought that this 3D test mod­el of the 90s ends up as a dec­o­ra­tive arti­cle at your home? There are count­less 3D mod­els of this ani­mal on the inter­net. So you have the free choice and can choose from dif­fer­ent designs.

easter 4.0: 3D printing for the holidays 3 different models easter bunny 3D model

3 dif­fer­ent mod­els of east­er bun­nies as CAD

Here you can find links to var­i­ous Stan­ford Bun­nies on Thin­gi­verse.

2. Everything about the Easter eggs

Bio­log­i­cal­ly ques­tion­able, but the absolute the absolute ever­green for East­er (includ­ing an Eggcup):

Easter 4.0: 3D printing for the holidays colourful easter eggs in the gras outside

3. Biscuit shapes

3D print­ers can unfor­tu­nate­ly not bake for you so far – we will see in future. If you still want to get your hands “dirty” or enjoy bak­ing, you can print out the bake­ware with these “tem­plates”:

As you can see, in recent years you would have saved your­self a lot of work, frus­tra­tion and “acci­dents”.
If, how­ev­er, there was still noth­ing for you to do under these sug­ges­tions, you can also do your own research under this link: https://www.thingiverse.com/

We wish you a lot of fun and suc­cess in print­ing!

Did you try one of these art­works? Then share your expe­ri­ences in the com­ments with us!

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